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The Empire Strikes Back 50’s Style

If tomorrow were the 60th anniversary of “The Empire Strikes Back” instead of the 30th, it might have looked something like this… Advertisements

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Warner Archive – DVD’s on Demand

It’s always fun to discover movies that have been forgotten.  Going back through the nearly 100 years of  moviemaking, there are thousands of movies that have all but vanished from the public eye.  These aren’t lost films like “London After … Continue reading

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The Empire Strikes Back – 30th Anniversary

In 1977, my father and I snuck out of the house to see “Star Wars” one night.  Mom knew where we were going, but we needed to employ covert techniques so my brother wouldn’t know.  He was 2 years younger … Continue reading

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The New Squonkblog!

Well, this is the start of the new Squonkblog! I’ve been blogging for several years, sometimes with more regularity than others.  Lately I haven’t been so good about blogging and have grown somewhat frustrated with the format of “Blogger,” which … Continue reading

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