Cartoon of the Day: Wackiki Wabbit

Wackiki Wabbit
Directed by Chuck Jones
Available on: Looney Tunes Golden Colllection Vol. 3

Chuck Jones was an animation director who was always pushing the envelope. He liked to experiment. “Wackiki Wabbit” is a perfect example of this.

In this short, two guys who are adrift at sea end up on an island where the sole resident appears to be Bugs Bunny. Since these two are starving, they set out to have roast rabbit for dinner. Of course, Bugs Bunny unleashes his tricks on them instead.

There is some great animation in this short, but, truth be told, it is not as funny as many Bugs Bunny outings. Maybe it’s because you can’t help but feel a little sorry for the two starving sailors.

But as I said earlier, this short is notable because of Jones’ experimentation. The backgrounds are where this stands out the most. The scenery in this short consists of trees and bushes that are obscure colored blobs and a background that is simply a pattern you might expect out of a role of 1970’s era shelf paper. They are interesting choices to say the least. I would not be surprised if it takes repeat viewings to fully adjust to the visuals in order for the comedy to comes through stronger.

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