Cartoon of the Day: Stop that Noise

Stop that Noise
Directed by Dave Fleischer
Available on: YouTube

Well, this is actually yesterday’s cartoon, but oh well. Since it’s the lovely Miss Betty Boop, that means it’s public domain and can be viewed via YouTube, so enjoy…

I love the Betty Boop series, but I’d actually consider this to be a pretty weak outing for her. In this short she decided that the noise of the city is too much, so she heads to the country. But it turns out that things are crazier there.

The Fleischer Studio was based in New York and many of their cartoons reflect that. They were known for often having an urban setting. But here we have Betty Boop heading to the country and the end result is not as strong. The way the Fleischers would bring all sorts of everyday items to life was a signature of their shorts, but there is very little of that here. Instead we have a bunch of animals character, which brings this short closer to the style that was being put out by other animation studios of the time. So this is a somewhat un-Fleischer cartoon. The charm of the Betty Boop character still makes this enjoyable, but it’s certainly not her best.

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