Cartoon of the Day: How to Sleep

How to Sleep
Directed by Jack Kinney
Available on: Walt Disney Treasures – The Complete Goofy

These last few nights I’ve been getting really tired right about the time I usually do my cartoon of the day. So that led me to classic Goofy short, “How to Sleep.”

Every animation studio had certain areas that they excelled at. Disney was always strongest from an artistic standpoint, but never quite made it to the levels of comedy that the folks at Warner Brothers achieved. However, some of the Goofy shorts are certainly bigger on laughs, especially his series of instructional films. “How to Sleep” is a late entry in the Goofy series that has some great moments of comedy mixed with the amazing artistry we expect from Disney.

The 1950’s brought some unique new looks to many animated films at Disney. The 50’s style of animation is still so cool looking to me. The opening sequence of this short where we see the Goof in bed being disturbed by various noises (portrayed as colorful line drawings) is a great example of the 50’s style.

Goofy’s “how to” movies contain some of the best comedic moments in the history of Disney animation. This one even features a surprising, somewhat un-Disney moment when a device that is measuring Goofy’s brainwaves as he sleeps draws a picture a shapely female he must be dreaming about. It’s nowhere close to the kind of shapely young women you’d find in one of Tex Avery’s shorts, but for Disney it’s surprising.

And now, I’m going to take the advice of this film and get some sleep myself.

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