Cartoon of the Day: Droopy Leprechaun

Droopy Leprechaun
Directed by Michael Lah
Available on: Tex Avery’s Droopy – The Complete Theatrical Collection

Today’s cartoon comes to us in Cinemascope! It’s the 24th and final theatrical cartoon for Droopy, “Droopy Leprechaun.” Though not his best cartoon, this one was always a favorite when it played after school on TV.

In this one Droopy is visiting Ireland. While doing the tourist thing, he buys a leprechaun hat from a street vendor and is soon mistaken for a real leprechaun by an Irish version of Butch.

By the time this short was made, Tex Avery, the creator of Droopy, was out of the picture. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were running the show at MGM’s animation department. This film is kind of midway between Tex Avery’s style and style we would see in many of Hanna Barbera’s TV creations. Though nowhere near as extreme as the expressions used under Avery, some of Butch’s reactions are still pretty extreme

Butch is really the source of the humor in this short. Droopy is the straight man, he’s no longer the pitiful looking character he was in his first appearance. He’s a pretty happy go-lucky guy by this point.

The gags move quickly and are genuinely funny. The catapult bit and Butch’s run in with a giant castle door were my favorite moments as a kid, and they’re still great today. Again, it’s not Droopy’s best, but it’s a funny swan song for the character.

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